What's really preventing you from losing weight and feeling confident in your body?

Introducing ROCK Your Dream Body Feel Amazing

A step-by-step plan for food freedom, body confidence, and nourishing your way toward your dream body goals!

If you struggle with yo-yo dieting, binge eating, picking your body apart, “scale jail”, compare and despair, making excuses, being a control freak, body and food obsession, this is for YOU!

Feeling Stuck?

I get it, I do.

You’ve spent years battling with your body. Wishing your stomach was flatter. Analyzing your body every day comparing yourself to every skinny girl out there or even to a past (more fitter) version of yourself.

You tell yourself this is the last time you will binge eat and that you WILL stop being your own worst critic. You want to see yourself as beautiful and appreciate your body as it is right now, but when it comes down to it, you just can’t stop yourself from getting on the scale to weight yourself every morning, Googling the latest and greatest dieting fads, and being a control freak, obsessing about your body and food all day long.

How do you actually find food and body freedom?

The answer to finding balance, ease, and natural weight loss is not about working harder.

You do not need to push harder or “will” yourself to your dream body goals.

The problem is simple…

You’ve been focusing on the WRONG THINGS!

All your effort and STRESS has been sabotaging your results.  What most people do not understand is that if your body is in a state of stress, it thinks it’s in survival mode. So, it hangs on to all kinds of “extra” fat and water… just in case it needs it. And, things like metabolism and digestion are put on the back burner, because, well… if your survival is in jeopardy, then from your body’s perspective, these functions are NOT important right now!

And this is scientifically proven.

It’s not your fault that you have been working against your body for years because honestly, nobody is talking about this! But I feel like it’s the giant elephant in the room when it comes to the question of why we work so hard to lose weight but so many people fail.

I am here to flip everything you know about “diet” and “weight loss” on its head and help finally get YOU the long-term, sustainable dream body results you crave!

What’s the SOUL-ution to natural, sustainable weight loss?

I call it a “soul-ution” because it’s the sweet spot where mind and body come together. In other words, when you combine your physical goals with how you want to feel. As you hopefully are beginning to realize, your emotional health is a HUGE part of this formula.

In order to achieve lasting success, you MUST:

  • Discover the BIG limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that time and time again, keep you stuck cycling in the same ol’ stuff that never works so that you can replace them with new, empowering beliefs that support your goals AND how you want to feel.
  • Learn how to listen to the signals of your unique body so that you can work WITH it instead of against it (and allow it to finally feel safe).
  • Understand why we emotionally eat and why pleasure really is an important component of optimal digestion.
  • Learn how to manage environmental stress, negative people, and external pressure so that you can choose your emotions instead of allowing others to dictate how you feel.
  • Say goodbye to black and white food and fitness rules, as well as, good and bad food lists in favor of your own customized-for-you “nourishment” plan that includes food that you love, exercise that you look forward to, and an overall lifestyle that feels meaningful to you… all designed from a place of self-love and self-discovery (bye-bye not-good-enough-ness and “when I get there THEN I will be happy” type thinking).

If you’re like most women that I work with, you probably look at this “checklist” and you think…

“YES! I know this IS the answer. And… I am so freaking scared to do something different than what I have been doing. Even though I KNOW what I have been doing isn’t working!”

We get stuck in a catch 22.

We want to be free to live an amazing life, to be the example that we want to be for our kids, to love ourselves and truly open ourselves up for MORE love and connection with others… AND… it can just be so tough to let go of our zone of familiarity.

It has to become MORE UNCOMFORTABLE for us to keep doing what we have been doing in order for us to finally say...

“Alright, I am ready. I’m scared, but I AM READY!”

Feel Amazing is your chance to finally set yourself up for long-term sustainable success, by incorporating the “inner work” that will finally get you to your dream body goals AND have an incredible positive ripple effect into every other aspect of your life.

Instead of wasting your life worrying about food and your “problem areas”, bouncing from diet to diet, feeling shame, guilt, and all kicks of other b.s. negative emotions that YOU DO NOT DESERVE, I’ll give you the roadmap to build your customized plan for not only ROCKIN’ your dream body, but your dream life too.

So What Exactly Is Feel Amazing?

A 6-week self-study program designed to show you how to:

  • Set the framework of your CUSTOMIZED-TO-YOU health/fitness "nourishment" plan so you finally work WITH your body and have a plan you will stick to!
  • Release the guilt, shame, and being a mean girl to yourself so you can stop the self-sabotage that has been holding you back.
  • Create time and SPACE for your health and personal desires (it's time to put YOU on the list of priorities).

Using an innovative fusion of mindset work, intuitive eating and proven scientific methods, you’ll conquer your weight loss blocks and unleash the confident and vibrant woman you’ve been hiding for so long.

It works because, unlike other methods, you’ll align your mind, body, and soul, so they’re all working together to support your weight loss goals. It’s the key to getting amazing results that last.

How I Finally Got My Dream Body

Without knowing me, you might look at my picture and think, "Why should I trust her? She's probably always been skinny and has no idea what I'm feeling."

Well, I haven't always looked this way or felt good about myself.

I teach this stuff and it's my passion because I've been down the rabbit hole:

  • Yo-yo dieting (restricting and binge eating)
  • Chasing a number on the scale
  • Trying to control EVERYTHING
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Comparing myself to every woman I saw, including every magazine cover
  • Comparing myself to a past (fitter) versions of myself
  • Wishing my stomach was flatter and my thighs were smaller
  • Analyzing and picking my body apart in the mirror every day
  • Obsessively Googling the next diet or fitness fad
  • Beating myself up over every slip-up

Then, eventually, I hit rock bottom. (Remeber how I said that at some point, it becomes more uncomfortable to keep doing what you've been doing than it is to finally do something different?)

I had developed hormonal issues (stopped having a menstrual cycle), cystic acne, and severe digestive issues. My body had had ENOUGH of the emotional and physical stress I was putting it under for so long.

It was then that I started learning what I teach now because I knew there had to be a better way. I don’t want you to have to struggle for as long as I did.

Here's a picture of my physical transformation, but honestly the greatest transformation is what happened within.

Before and After Transformation

Feel Amazing is your way OUT of overwhelm!

I’ve done the research, distilled it down to what ACTUALLY WORKS. I've rigorously tested it, first on myself, and — once I knew I had something incredible — offered it up to a beta group of clients, who also had amazing results!

Now, seven years later, thousands of women have used these principles to achieve mind-blowing results in their body and their life.

Feel Amazing is your roadmap to break free from confusion and shiny object syndrome when it comes to food, exercise, and your unique body.

It guides you step-by-step, beginning with mindset as the foundation, into reprogramming how you think and feel about your body and food, which thus, results in the physical body and lifestyle changes that match your ‘dream body’ goals!

In Feel Amazing, You'll Discover

Module 1: Reprogram your mind for success

If you want to lose weight (and keep it off), you need to start with the right foundation. In this module, you’ll let go of limiting beliefs that are standing between you and your dream body, and start reprogramming your mind so you’re in a position to make sustainable changes.

You'll discover:

  • How to pinpoint the exact thoughts and behaviors that are preventing you from losing weight.
  • Exactly how I gained life in order to lose weight (and how you can too!).
  • The science behind why diets and deprivation don't produce lasting weight loss…and the method you can follow that will actually work.
  • A powerful mindset exercise that will free you from weight loss sabotage.

Module 2: The ‘secret weapon’ that will supercharge your weight loss

We all have access to an incredibly powerful weight loss tool – the trouble is, many of us aren’t even aware we have it. In this module, you’ll discover how to tap into this incredible resource and use it to your advantage.

You’ll also get clear on the REAL reasons why you want to slim down (it’s not what you think), and map out your body goals, so you can stay focused on your weight loss journey.

You'll discover:

  • The ONE biggest motivator that will help you achieve the physique you desire (once I figured this out, I effortlessly lost the last 8 pounds I’d been battling for several years).
  • How to align your mind, body and soul, so they work in tandem to speed up your weight loss.
  • Exercises to harness the power of your brain (once you master these your body will effortlessly start shedding the pounds).

Module 3: How to eat your way to your dream body

After building the foundation and getting your ego on board in the first two sections, we get into the easy and fun ROCK Your Dream Body food lifestyle.

We talk about why eating foods that you love is essential to losing weight -- and why the WAY you eat is often more important than the actual food you eat.

I show you how to:

  • Change your eating habits so that you never need willpower again – this is the key to freeing yourself from cravings.
  • A little-known, but scientific trick that will help you lose weight and aid digestion.
  • Eat intuitively and figure out the exact foods that are right for YOUR body (yep, you’ll be one of those women who can eat cake AND have a bangin’ body).

Module 4: Kick your metabolism into high gear

It's time to ramp up your metabolism! We tend to assume that our metabolism is a set-in-stone system that we can't change. Wrong! You CAN control it, and I'll show you how.

You'll discover how to:

  • Maximize pleasure during all of your meals, fire-up your metabolism and feel happier and more satisfied with your meals!
  • Instantly speed up your weight loss with a surprising technique you can use ANYWHERE.
  • How to understand indigestion, fatigue, bloat, and cravings -- what they mean for YOUR body and how to eliminate them.
  • Creative, fun ways to motivate yourself to work out without it even feeling like effort – I give you an entirely new way to look at fitness that will ROCK your world.

Module 5: Design a ROCKIN’ lifestyle

Your environment can easily sabotage your weight loss goals, which is why hanging out with negative people, prioritizing everyone else but yourself, and consuming the wrong sort of “news” can cause you to pile on the pounds. In this comprehensive step-by-step strategy, I’ll show you how to free yourself from external pressures and create a lifestyle that supports the vision you have for yourself.

We cover:

  • How to filter health and wellness "news", so you make an informed decision about what works for YOU above all else.
  • Why negative people are stopping you from losing weight…and my no-fail technique for dealing with them.
  • What you NEED to know about the images you see in magazines – I'll show you pictures of Britney Spears, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian that will literally make your JAW DROP.
  • How to stop looking to the scale to measure your self-worth.
  • How to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it – yes, this is possible for even the busiest, most in-demand woman.

Module 6: How to make every day the best day of your life

This is the moment of truth. Prepare yourself to be amazed by all of the realizations you'll have. We pull it all together and discuss how to maintain your new way of living.

You'll discover:

  • How to recognize the ‘fight or flight’ response that makes women susceptible to weight gain…and the best way to empower yourself against it.
  • A simple exercise you can do to honor your body and instantly feel good about yourself.
  • How to spend the rest of your life feeling confident, free of restrictions, and balanced.
  • A whole new approach to life and a way of looking at your body that will have you smiling from ear to ear... and maybe even shed a happy tear or two as well.

Plus, You Also Receive $997 in Additional Bonuses and Resources When You Enroll TODAY!

BONUS: Breaking Free From Good Food Vs. Bad Food Confusion Training ($500 Value)

During this Masterclass recording, you’ll learn how to:

Choose on YOUR 3 food non-negotiables and how to incorporate them into your food lifestyle in a healthy, balanced way that leads to optimal results.

Avoid food ruts and create meals and a plan for meals that are exciting and nutritious too!

Get results without bikini body pressure.

Say goodbye to the good food vs bad food list confusion so that you can have an all-inclusive relationship with food (bye-bye restriction, hello freedom).

BONUS: Four Ways to ROCK Your Dream Body While Eating Whatever You Want ($225 Value)

My surefire strategies for enjoying any food without guilt (no self-sabotage here)!

You'll discover how to:

  • Practice mindfulness and awareness when you eat.
  • Create your perfect eating plan and schedule.
  • Get over your guilt around eating "bad" foods for good.

I'll also reveal my philosophy on how I eat.

BONUS: How to Take Charge of Negative Self-Talk ($225 Value)

Florence Scovel Shinn says, "Your word is your wand," meaning that you attract whatever you talk about into your life. I live by this mantra.

In this bonus, I show you how to release negative self-talk by using my extremely powerful positive affirmation method. I share what I've learned about shifting your vibration and re-training your subconscious mind.

I share the best "trick" that I've found, which most people don't understand about positive affirmations. This technique will change the way you view negative beliefs, habits, thoughts and behaviors and it is the exact process that I myself used to end years of self-sabotaging behaviors.

BONUS: Guided 20-minute Lunar Flow Yoga Class ($47 Value)

This is my favorite at-home yoga practice and I'm so thrilled to be able to share it with you. It ties in perfectly with the curriculum of the program (you'll see).

This 20-minute Gentle Yoga class is designed to help you get into your feminine, restorative energy, de-stress after a long day, let go of reality and go deep inside to a place of utter calm and serenity.

Pull out your yoga mat, turn the lights down low, light some candles and let all the tension from the day just melt away. PDF pose guide and step-by-step audio included.

No Matter What, You're Protected By My Personal 30-Day Guarantee

I feel so confident in this program that if after 30 days of purchase you feel this isn't the right program for you, you will get 100% of your money back.

That's right, all you have to do is send me your completed Modules 1-4 showing that you gave this program 100% effort and I'll send you a complete refund.

It's that easy.

FAQs: Is This Program Right For Me?

Have a question you need to be answered before enrolling in Feel Amazing? Below is a list of the most common and frequently asked questions I receive, with the answers below! But if for some reason you do not see your question, simply reach out to my team and me at info@sheilaviers.com, so we can assist you! Thank you!

I’ve tried many courses in the past, what makes this program different?

Feel Amazing was specifically crafted with busy, overworked, stressed, “at the end of her rope” women in mind. What makes this program different than any other course you’ve ever taken can be broken down into three distinct areas:

Mind Body Connection — This is the giant elephant in the room that nobody is talking about. Our thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on what shows up in our body and in our patterns and behaviors, plain and simple. I give it to you straight and I show you the way to shift your beliefs/emotions and change your patterns of behaviors so that you can achieve your desires and feel amazing (maybe for the first time ever).

Permission — In order to receive the body of your dreams, you first have to believe that you deserve it. And, a lot of women don’t. Or worse, they are afraid of what happens when the finally get it (you have to keep it, or you might get unwanted attention, etc etc). I show you how to heal and remove these blocks for good.

A Completely Customizable Plan - Your body, your preferences, and your lifestyle are UNIQUE. Feel Amazing shows you the EXACT steps necessary to create the perfect ‘balance’ for YOU that gets RESULTS and allows you to maintain them for the long-term because it’s actually a plan you can stick to!

If I can’t work out or haven’t been working out, is this still a good fit for me?

Feel Amazing was created for any woman who is ready to STOP bullying herself, playing the yo-yo dieting, good food, bad food game… and START nourishing her way toward her physical goals. You are where you are and wherever that is, that’s okay. You do not need to already have any sort of fitness plan or regime to begin Feeling Amazing. I guide you through the process of getting to your goal starting exactly where you are TODAY.

If I have a large amount of weight to lose, will this program work for me?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll experience with Feel Amazing is how quickly you can get your customized plan in place. From there, you will use the tools and techniques to continue to practice and fine-tune your results. The more you give to this work, the more you will get. It will not be an overnight process, meaning it will take time to achieve your goals, but I promise if you continue to practice what you learn in Feel Amazing beyond the 6-weeks, it will be so worth it because, this time, you will actually be able to maintain the results for the long-term!

If I have less than 10 pounds will this still help me?

Yes, however, the truth is, how quickly you see weight loss depends a LOT on what you were doing before Feel Amazing. Sometimes, your body needs to go through MUCH healing before it will feel safe again if you have been restricting, depriving, or yo-yo dieting for some time. Have patience, stay off the scale if you can, and trust the process because, with consistency, it works!

What’s the difference between Feel Amazing and Immersion?

Feel Amazing is a 6-week program designed to show you how to set the framework of your health/fitness "nourishment" plan so you finally have a plan you will stick to, release the guilt, shame, and being a mean girl to yourself so you can stop the self-sabotage that has been holding you back, and create time and SPACE for your health and personal desires (it's time to put YOU on the list of priorities).

Immersion is a 12-month program designed to take everything you learn in Feel Amazing and 10x it, diving into not only just food, body-confidence, and exercise, but also many other topics like work/life balance, masculine/feminine energy balance, intimacy and connection, honing your intuition (inner guidance), mastering ‘balance’ through the holidays, having ‘it all’, and so much more. It truly is an intensive, like the title implies, and this is also why it is a year long program. Immersion is for women that are ready to commit to this inner work at the highest level. Immersion is also only currently offered once time per year as a group program, in January.

This sounds overwhelming how much time will this course take to implement?

If this course sounds overwhelming, it might just be that you already feel overwhelmed and you’re looking to see how you can ADD this program to your existing “TO-DO” list.

Feel Amazing is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm. It’s a system designed to give you focus and clarity on your VISION. It will help you align your actions so you can see the BIG PICTURE of what you ACTUALLY want.

Also, you have Lifetime Access to Feel Amazing. It is not the type of program you rush to complete and then put on the shelf. Inside this program, I help you identify EXACTLY what you need to take the RIGHT actions, and part of that will be clearing SPACE for what is important and meaningful to you in life (like this work).

Most Modules can be completed in less than an hour or two a week. The MAGIC, though, is in the real life, daily practice of what you learn in the coursework. That’s when things REALLY get fun!

What can I expect once I enroll in Feel Amazing?

Upon completing your order, you will receive an email immediately confirming your enrollment.

All of your course materials are digital (PDF, video, .mp3) and they will be sent to you via email for you to watch/listen/download.

What is the guarantee/refund policy for Feel Amazing?

I feel so confident in this program that if after 30 days of purchase you feel this isn't the right program for you, you will get 100% of your money back.

That's right, all you have to do is send me your completed Modules 1-4 showing that you gave this program 100% effort and I'll send you a complete refund.

It's that easy.