Tired of obsessing over your body and food?

It's time to break free from body-jail so you can live in body-freedom

Do you ever feel so ashamed of your body that you just want to jump in bed, throw the covers over your head, and disappear?

I know the routine, firsthand.

The feelings of disgust start in the morning when you get dressed. You glance in the mirror and all you see is cellulite, stretch marks, and flabby, loose areas that you would much rather be tight and toned.

Throughout the day, all you can think about is food, desperately trying to ignore your cravings for sugar or salty snacks, because neither are “allowed” on your latest diet plan. So you have an apple and a handful of raw almonds for lunch instead (even though you’ll feel lightheaded for the rest of the afternoon).

Then at night, you cave in and end up bingeing on ice cream, peanut butter, or whatever is in the pantry. You go to bed feeling like a failure, telling yourself that you’ll make up for it tomorrow by skipping breakfast or pushing harder during your workout.

You know that you’re trapped in an unhealthy cycle, but you’ve hated your body for so long that it’s become a way of life.

So why can’t you break free?

Maybe you tell yourself that everything will be so much better as soon as you hit your weight loss goal.

Or deep down, you don’t believe you deserve to achieve your goals so you just keep sabotaging yourself, staying stuck in a body and life that is familiar.

In either case, no matter how hard you try, you still don’t have the body you’ve been chasing after for so long. And you’re tired of it.

You’re tired of:

  • Looking in the mirror feeling ashamed and disgusted by what you see… you know that negative self-talk is unhealthy, but you can’t help bullying yourself about your body.
  • Thinking about all the diet and exercise programs you’ve tried… it’s exhausting and, don’t even mention the amount of money you’ve spent.
  • Feeling more confused than EVER by all the latest fads and weight loss advice. How do you know who's right?
  • The same old cycle… eating healthily for a while only to fall off the wagon (and then beat yourself up), wishing you find your balance and get a handle on your relationship with food. How do other people do it?
  • Avoiding social engagements because the thought of eating “off plan” fills you with fear. Birthdays, happy hour with girlfriends, date night used to be fun – now they’re a temptation nightmare.

You know it’s time to end the battle with your body and make peace with food. But that’s easier said than done, right?

Because you still want your dream body, just without the insecurity, obsession, and self-hate that up until now you have used to fuel your motivation.

Now you can…

Introducing the ROCK Your Dream Body Feel Amazing Jumpstart

A 6-week online course that will help you ditch the diets and soulfully create the beautiful body (and life) you deserve.

Using an innovative fusion of mindset work, intuitive eating and proven scientific methods, you’ll conquer your weight loss demons and unleash the sexy, confident and vibrant woman you’ve been hiding for so long.

It works because, unlike other methods, you’ll align your mind, body and soul, so they’re all working together to support your weight loss goals. It’s the key to getting amazing results that last.

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The Feel Amazing Jumpstart has transformed the lives of hundreds of women…and it’s the exact method I used to get out of body-jail and lose 35 pounds, without extreme dieting or exhausting myself with grueling workouts.

If you aren't familiar with me, I’m Sheila Viers and I help women end their struggle with yo‑yo dieting so they can finally get the body of their dreams and then maintain it for the long-term.

You might look at my picture and think, "Why should I trust her? She's probably always been thin and has no idea what I'm feeling."

Let me tell you, I haven't always looked this way.

I've been where you are, and I know how to get you through to the other side.

After years of hating my body, torturing myself with diets and feeling controlled by food, I discovered a new approach to weight loss. This unique approach changed my life and eating habits completely.

Here's a picture of my physical transformation (notice the hormonal acne in the before picture too), but honestly the greatest transformation is what happened within.

What makes the Feel Amazing Jumpstart so powerful and different?

Up until now, I am willing to bet that the majority of the plans that you have tried have focused solely on what workouts you "should" be doing or what foods you "should" be eating.

These rigid plans have set you up for failure from the start because they are designed by someone else… for the masses. They are not customized to you, your preferences, lifestyle, and your unique goals.

They also do not address what I have found to be the most important part of the ‘sustainable dream body’ equation… your mindset and emotional health.

You cannot achieve sustainable positive behavioral changes by just trying to plug yourself into a rigid, extreme, black and white plan.

Not to mention that most of these plans are completely ignoring THE giant elephant in the room… stress.

Your thoughts and feelings have a physiological response on your body, which means they affect how well your body works as a system.

We women tend to put everyone else's needs at the top of the list of priorities and our own needs and desires often end up on the back burner.

Beyond that, when it comes to our body, we set standards for ourselves that we rarely measure up to. We feel like we're never able to keep up or do it good enough.

Living like this day after day is exhausting and extremely stressful, both emotionally and physically.

What most people do not understand is that if your body is in a state of stress on a regular basis, then things like metabolism and digestion do not function optimally.

And this is scientifically proven.

In the Feel Amazing Jumpstart, I teach you how to work with your body to achieve sustainable positive behavioral changes and physical results.

You’ll break free from yo-yo dieting and end the self-sabotage for good so that you can nourish your way toward your physical goals and (maybe for the first time ever) feel amazing in your skin.

In Feel Amazing, You'll Discover

Module 1: Reprogram your mind for success

If you want to lose weight (and keep it off), you need to start with the right foundation. In this module, you’ll let go of limiting beliefs that are standing between you and your dream body, and start reprogramming your mind so you’re in a position to make sustainable changes.

You'll discover:

  • How to pinpoint the exact thoughts and behaviors that are preventing you from losing weight.
  • Exactly how I gained life in order to lose weight (and how you can too!).
  • The science behind why diets and deprivation don't produce lasting weight loss…and the method you can follow that will actually work.
  • A powerful mindset exercise that will free you from weight loss sabotage.

Module 2: The ‘secret weapon’ that will supercharge your weight loss

We all have access to an incredibly powerful weight loss tool – the trouble is, many of us aren’t even aware we have it. In this module, you’ll discover how to tap into this incredible resource and use it to your advantage.

You’ll also get clear on the REAL reasons why you want to slim down (it’s not what you think), and map out your body goals, so you can stay focused on your weight loss journey.

You'll discover:

  • The ONE biggest motivator that will help you achieve the physique you desire (once I figured this out, I effortlessly lost the last 8 pounds I’d been battling for several years).
  • How to align your mind, body and soul, so they work in tandem to speed up your weight loss.
  • Exercises to harness the power of your brain (once you master these your body will effortlessly start shedding the pounds).

Module 3: How to eat your way to your dream body

After building the foundation and getting your ego on board in the first two sections, we get into the easy and fun ROCK Your Dream Body food lifestyle.

We talk about why eating foods that you love is essential to losing weight -- and why the WAY you eat is often more important than the actual food you eat.

I show you how to:

  • Change your eating habits so that you never need willpower again – this is the key to freeing yourself from cravings.
  • A little-known, but scientific trick that will help you lose weight and aid digestion.
  • Eat intuitively and figure out the exact foods that are right for YOUR body (yep, you’ll be one of those women who can eat cake AND have a bangin’ body).

Module 4: Kick your metabolism into high gear

It's time to ramp up your metabolism! We tend to assume that our metabolism is a set-in-stone system that we can't change. Wrong! You CAN control it, and I'll show you how.

You'll discover how to:

  • Maximize pleasure during all of your meals, fire-up your metabolism and feel happier and more satisfied with your meals!
  • Instantly speed up your weight loss with a surprising technique you can use ANYWHERE.
  • How to understand indigestion, fatigue, bloat, and cravings -- what they mean for YOUR body and how to eliminate them.
  • Creative, fun ways to motivate yourself to work out without it even feeling like effort – I give you an entirely new way to look at fitness that will ROCK your world.

Module 5: Design a ROCKIN’ lifestyle

Your environment can easily sabotage your weight loss goals, which is why hanging out with negative people, prioritizing everyone else but yourself, and consuming the wrong sort of “news” can cause you to pile on the pounds. In this comprehensive step-by-step strategy, I’ll show you how to free yourself from external pressures and create a lifestyle that supports the vision you have for yourself.

We cover:

  • How to filter health and wellness "news", so you make an informed decision about what works for YOU above all else.
  • Why negative people are stopping you from losing weight…and my no-fail technique for dealing with them.
  • What you NEED to know about the images you see in magazines – I'll show you pictures of Britney Spears, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian that will literally make your JAW DROP.
  • How to stop looking to the scale to measure your self-worth.
  • How to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it – yes, this is possible for even the busiest, most in-demand woman.

Module 6: How to make every day the best day of your life

This is the moment of truth. Prepare yourself to be amazed by all of the realizations you'll have. We pull it all together and discuss how to maintain your new way of living.

You'll discover:

  • How to recognize the ‘fight or flight’ response that makes women susceptible to weight gain…and the best way to empower yourself against it.
  • A simple exercise you can do to honor your body and instantly feel good about yourself.
  • How to spend the rest of your life feeling confident, free of restrictions, and balanced.
  • A whole new approach to life and a way of looking at your body that will have you smiling from ear to ear... and maybe even shed a happy tear or two as well.

Plus, you get these awesome bonuses too!

Bonus 1: Four Ways to ROCK Your Dream Body While Eating Whatever You Want

My surefire strategies for enjoying any food without guilt (no self-sabotage here)!

You'll discover how to:

  • Practice mindfulness and awareness when you eat.
  • Create your perfect eating plan and schedule.
  • Get over your guilt around eating "bad" foods for good.

I'll also reveal my philosophy on how I eat.

Bonus 2: How to Take Charge of Negative Self-Talk

Florence Scovel Shinn says, "Your word is your wand," meaning that you attract whatever you talk about into your life. I live by this mantra.

In this bonus, I show you how to release negative self-talk by using my extremely powerful positive affirmation method. I share what I've learned about shifting your vibration and re-training your subconscious mind.

I share the best "trick" that I've found, which most people don't understand about positive affirmations. This technique will change the way you view negative beliefs, habits, thoughts and behaviors and it is the exact process that I myself used to end years of self-sabotaging behaviors.

Bonus 3: Guided 20-minute Lunar Flow Yoga Class

This is my favorite at-home yoga practice and I'm so thrilled to be able to share it with you. It ties in perfectly with the curriculum of the program (you'll see).

This 20-minute Gentle Yoga class is designed to help you get into your feminine, restorative energy, de-stress after a long day, let go of reality and go deep inside to a place of utter calm and serenity.

Pull out your yoga mat, turn the lights down low, light some candles and let all the tension from the day just melt away. PDF pose guide and step-by-step audio included.

Is this program the right fit for me?

This is perfect for you if you...

  • Have read tons of diet books and tried many weight loss programs and still haven't figured out the perfect formula for you.
  • Like the idea of trusting your body, and are ready to stop bullying yourself all the time, but can't quite understand how to go from self-judgment and even self-hate to self-love.
  • Long to be able to look at yourself in the mirror naked, in a bikini, or in your favorite pair of jeans and truly feel love, compassion, and appreciation for what you see.
  • Have baffling "food sensitivities" (maybe?) that don't quite make sense.
  • Are tired of being consumed by calorie-counting and feeling deprived of your favorite foods all the time.
  • Force yourself to exercise even though you loathe your workouts and you want to understand how to allow exercise to be an enjoyable part of your day... one that you actually look forward to!
  • Secretly feel that you are not getting the most out of life and you believe that the reason is somehow tied to the fact that you do not yet have your dream body.

This may not be for you if you...

  • Are looking for a traditional diet or fitness plan with prescribed food lists, meal planning, and workouts.
  • Are not interested in addressing the emotional side of eating or other aspects of life.
  • Expect results without taking the time to learn, be introspective, and take consistent action.
  • Think stuff like visualizations, affirmations, and self-love are weird and/or pointless.

What you get:

The 90-page ROCK Your Dream Body Feel Amazing Jumpstart Manual – Learn at your own pace with this step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to reach your dream body goals. The six modules are chock full of powerful mindset work, scientific data, personal experiences, worksheets and so much more. Plus, you have access for life, so you can revisit the lessons whenever you need to.

The ROCK Your Dream Body Feel Amazing Jumpstart Audiobook – If you're an audio learner, I'll talk you through the material at your convenience. In the car, on a plane, or at 11:30 at night, I'm right there with ya!

Accountability emails from me – Yes, I'll be checking in on you each week, holding you accountable to your goals.

And... these amazing bonuses!

  • Four Ways to ROCK Your Dream Body While Eating Whatever You Want.
  • How to Take Charge of Negative Self-Talk.
  • Guided 20-minunte Lunar Flow Yoga Class.

Are you ready to get started?

You are reading this right now for a reason. You wouldn't have read this far down the page if you weren't ready.

The minute you dive into the Feel Amazing Jumpstart and begin our work together, you are going to feel relief wash over you and you're going to understand exactly why you've struggled with your body and food up until now.. and exactly what to do to move past the struggle and into your power.

What happens once you enroll?

This program is a completely downloadable package of e-manuals and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs). The format for the e-manuals is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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