From Hustle and Status Quo to Grace, Freedom, and Ease

6 Month Private Mentorship with Sheila Viers

Are you ready to take a big, bold leap out of the status quo?

Do you know you have a unique, creative genius and a fire inside of you but you’re not currently living in alignment with it (or even know how to access it)?

Do you want to finally give yourself permission to ROCK your dream life and do, have and be all that you have ever desired and more?

Good. You’re in the right place.

I teach women how to step into alignment and harness their feminine (creative) energy to fully embody their inner genius and open themselves up to receiving the freedom, ease, and grace that is their birthright.

I teach this now because for a long time, I tried to fit a mold that wasn’t meant for me. I tried to measure up and “behave” according to what I thought I needed to be in order to be successful, valued, and worthy of love.

And then one day, I woke up. I gave myself permission to follow my heart even when it was the opposite of what I was told I was supposed to do.

Here are a few examples of the “crazy” things I have done:

  • Left a cushy job in the corporate world
  • Cashed out my 401K to pay for high level coaching
  • Moved across the country to my dream location in Southern California
  • Built a global brand
  • Met the man of my dreams WHILE I was still married
  • Divorced a great man because we were no longer a match
  • Sold my company
  • Started another company that ALSO had nothing to do with my $$$ college degree

… and so much more. I've also traveled the world in luxury and manifested circumstances, experiences, and relationships that blew my mind in terms of what I thought was possible for me.

All because I gave myself permission to expand beyond my limitations.

I know how it feels though. You’re so busy. The demands and responsibilities of your life keep your to-do list overflowing even though you are moving at a hundred miles an hour. You hear the voice inside that says, “I deserve more than status quo," but you feel trapped so you push your desires and dreams aside. You ignore them.

But the voice continues to speak to you… in the middle of the night or when you are stuck in traffic alone.

Yet you are afraid to act on your desires. Because, what if you fail? And, what would people think? Or… what if you actually succeeded? Then what?!

Your soul is trying to speak to you. To tell you that there is more to life than tedious to-do lists and doing everything that everyone else wants you to do in lieu of those things that would crack your heart open and make you feel fully alive.

It’s time to release the heavy excuses and limitations so you can step into the life of YOUR dreams… the one that feels meaningful, happy, and free!

And I will tell you a truth I know you are ready to hear…

Hard work, pushing and forcing things, sacrifice, and trying to prove yourself as worthy... is NOT going to get you there.

Alignment, faith, gratitude, permission to be 100% YOU… IS what will get you there.

So how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Here’s what you need to succeed:

  1. Mentorship to help you expand beyond your fears, limiting beliefs, and blocks.
  2. Clarity on what you desire.
  3. A road map with the milestones and inspired action that will get you there.
  4. A commitment to doing the inner work that will raise your vibration and align you with the necessary circumstances, opportunities, and people.
  5. An attitude of gratitude, unwavering faith, focus, and a willingness to take inspired action in ways that are far beyond what has ever been comfortable or familiar before!

… and a few other things too, but that’s the basics.

If you have an aspect or area of your life you’d like to transform, like your career/business, your love life, your finances, or how you feel in your own skin, this 6-month private mentorship will give you the spiritual guidance, support and inspired action steps you need to create everything you have ever dreamed of and more!

You will also strengthen your connection to your own intuition and ability to communicate your desires with confidence, break free of the energetic and circumstantial blocks that can slow your progress, and master the art of manifestation so you can quickly tune into and create whatever you want.

6 Month Private Mentorship Includes

Clarity Session: Don’t worry if you are feeling stuck, blocked, empty, confused or unclear. During our jump start Clarity Session, I will help you get crystal clear about what you want, what’s in your way and how to dissolve, release, and heal old beliefs, stories and energies that hold you back. I will give you custom designed daily practices, milestones, and an inspired action plan for realizing your goal quickly and with a lot of fun!

Spiritual Guidance: Yes, I have intuitive abilities that I will utilize in our work together to help clarify and guide you to the perfect path. Further, I’ll help you tune in and tap into your own Higher Power, spiritual guidance, and intuitive gifts (we all have them) so you’re never alone or without the guidance you need to know the best choice to make and the right action to take to be happy, successful and living the life of your dreams.

Awaken Your Feminine Power: Do you feel as if your Feminine Goddess Connection, passion and playfulness have all but fizzled out? Together we will reconnect with the feminine energy within you and harness its power so that you will attract what you desire, receive it, and allow yourself to be supported and open your heart in ways that may surpass what you currently believe is possible. Instead of feeling shut down and turned off, you will feel sexy, fired up, energized, passionate, and alive! And maybe even a little feisty too. I will also teach you powerful communication strategies to deepen and strengthen any and every relationship.

Badass Business Strategy: No matter if you work in the corporate world, you own your own business, are doing both of these things, or none of these things, you have a creative genius and you are stifling your soul if you do not know what it is, how to harness its magic, or how to share it with the world. Together we will dive into the inter-workings of you, discover what you’re afraid to let shine, and create a road map that is perfect for you to express yourself fully in the world. The more you open up and allow yourself to shine and express yourself fully, the more EVERY aspect of your life begins to shift and transform to align with your dreams!

Energy Alignment Blueprint: The secret to success is alignment, not hard work. The more resistance and struggle we experience, the more we are dragging our heels. We will set up your customized blueprint based on your unique energetic makeup that will allow you to feel consistently energized, aligned, clear, and nourished. Say hello to ease, grace, and flow… and good bye to struggle, fear, and depletion.

Manifestation Mastery: Whatever it is you want, whether it be luxury travel, a new car, a new career, your soul mate or a whole new life, I teach you how to use your manifestation powers combined with down-to-earth inspired action steps and guidance to allow that dream, goal or desire of yours to flow easily, effortlessly, almost magically, into your experience. When you make a CHOICE to unleash your inherent power and message, that’s when the money and momentum flow in.

What Do You Get in the 6-Month Mentorship?

  • Eighteen (18) 45-minute phone sessions
  • Direct access to Sheila via email and text

If you are accepted into the Mentorship, together you and Sheila will CHOOSE 3-4 areas from each category below (Badass Business Strategy / Unleash Your Inner Goddess) based on your unique desires to focus on and take massive inspired action toward your goals during the 6 months together.

Badass Business Strategy

  • What IS Your Unique Creative Genius?
  • Your Road Map to Exiting the Corporate World
  • Your Road Map for Thriving in the Corporate World
  • Choosing the Right Business Model For You
  • Designing Your Dream Business and Marketing Plan
  • Standout Branding and a Culture of Brilliance
  • How to Design and Manufacture a Physical Product Overseas
  • How to Package Your Gifts into a Digital Product for Sale Online
  • How to Get Funding
  • Forecasting Sales/Expenses (Your Money Map)
  • Soulful Sales Mastery
  • Optimizing Systems and Removing Yourself as the Bottleneck
  • Creating a Raving Fan Club: Building Your Tribe
  • Building Your Team: Outsourcing and Hiring Amazing People
  • Selling Your Business for Big Bucks: Designing Your Successful Exit Strategy
  • Collaborations, Networking, and Partnerships

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

  • Discover and Heal Your Blocks and Self-Sabotage
  • Connecting to Your Intuitive Powers
  • Channeling Goddess-Level Body Confidence
  • Tapping into Your Vision and Core Desires
  • Nutritional Rebalancing and Maximizing Energy
  • Stress Management and Prioritizing Your Health
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Feminine Energy
  • Healing Your Relationship, Cultivating Intimacy, Have More (Amazing) Sex
  • Mastering the "You CAN Have It All" Mindset
  • Utilizing Law of Attraction and Raising Your Vibe to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

This Exclusive Opportunity is for Women Who...

Are done with excuses and holding yourself back so that you can maximize your power to manifest anything: money, health, success, high-vibe, loving relationships and your secret dreams, ideas and goals.

Are ready to clearly hear, feel and even see your own inner guidance and receive the messages you need to make wise and powerful changes in your life.

Desire to step out of the ordinary and soar into the extraordinary, every day of your life, co-creating with your Higher Power, enjoying taking inspired action and letting Spirit do the rest.

Want to transform your relationship with time and money so you always have plenty of both.

Are ready to say no and let go of what no longer serves you so you can liberate yourself from physical ailments and mental stressors through deep emotional healing.

Desire elite personal attention and guidance from an empowered mentor who will coach you to execute on your biggest dreams.

Want to master the masculine structures and deepen your feminine creative power so that you can take focused, inspired action that gets results (without burnout).

Are ready to receive the freedom and alignment that comes from expanding into your greatest potential and awakening the creativity within your soul.

Know that when you positively impact the world with your gifts in a way that only you can, you unlock your ability to raise your standard of living and, as a result, allow yourself to raise your standard of giving (as you rise, you serve as an incredible example to others).

Are ready to give yourself permission to do, have, and be all that you have ever dreamed and more.

Are ready to show yourself what you are made of and how possible it really is for you to work smarter, not “harder” to achieve everything you’ve envisioned.

Application Process

Limited Spots Available

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