ROCK Your Dream Body "Metabolic Reset"

Good-bye restriction and guilt. Hello nourishment and self-discovery.

The Metabolic Reset is a combination of recorded calls (with a written/transcribed ebook for those that would rather read the material), video tutorials, and email (accountability and course details) from yours truly.

Module 1: Laying the Foundation for Long-Term Success

  • The reason why you fall off the wagon time and time again.
  • The key to achieving long-term sustainable results.
  • "What should I eat?" (Your food freedom checklist.)
  • Macros: Your step-by-step guide to accountability.

Module 2: Building the Tool Belt

  • Why you’ll never need willpower again.
  • Why clean eating is a myth.
  • Setting yourself up for success without giving up your favorite foods.
  • What exactly is "Flexible Dieting" and how do I make it work for me?

Module 3: Meal Planning for Nourishment & Satisfaction

  • How to stay on track while traveling and dining out.
  • Prep ahead (or not) strategies and time saver tips for success.
  • Meal planning ideas and supplement suggestions.
  • Intertwining the analytical (macro counting) + intuitive styles of eating.


  • Taking Action Q&A
  • Additional Resources

Personalized coaching available.

How amazing would it be to finally feel in control of your body and your relationship with food?

In addition to the coursework you also get: 

  • Private Facebook group for members only: A supportive community where you can ask questions, gain clarity, share big wins, and check in for accountability throughout the course and beyond.
  • Sheila's ROCKIN' Recipes: 50+ of my favorite go-to, quick and easy healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks, and dessert.
  • Target Macro Tracker and Chart: Accountability made easy! This done-for-you target macro calculator allows you to easily discover your macros (daily and for each meal) so you can ensure you're on track to hit your goals.

.... as well as a few other surprise goodies! ;-)

When it comes to dream body success, and particularly fat loss, we have so many mixed messages going on in our head, it’s enough to make you want to jump back in bed and throw the covers over your head. I know I have!

But let me tell you: Once you tone down all the noise and you get clear on how to build a realistic, sustainable foundation, it’s oh so worth it.

Since launching my coaching practice on Valentine’s Day in 2012 (hurray for self-love!) I’ve helped hundreds of women from all different backgrounds break free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage so they can feel amazing in their skin (often for the first time ever).

I’ve seen more than enough evidence that the “cure” for leaving yo-yo dieting in your dust forever AND achieving long-lasting results is to learn how to flip the switch from approaching your dream body goals from a place of restriction and not-good-enoughness, over to a mindset of self-love and self-discovery.

Sugar and bread are NOT the root of your demise, it’s your relationship with them — and all food for that matter — that is.

So, what do you do?

It’s going to take some work (it’s not an overnight process, but then again neither was getting to where you are now), but you can totally fix this. You’ve got to.

It’s time for you to heal your relationship with food, so that you can sustain long-lasting results, especially if you have very specific goals that you’re excited about achieving related to your body.

For many women, their dream body goals are tied to leaning out, “toning up,” and achieving a more defined look, i.e. being muscular while still looking feminine.

Here’s the thing I want to point out about that, which I think a lot of women get hung up on:

It’s not wrong to want to change the way your body looks. It’s totally admirable and right to want whatever you want. It’s just so much more fun and sustainable when you approach your goals from a mindset of self-love and self-discovery instead of a “when I get there THEN I will be good enough” way of thinking.

What I’ve noticed in my work with women is that sometimes we want this healing and self-love so bad, yet we don’t believe that we can have it for ourselves.

We WANT to learn how to nourish our body with food and movement from an intuitive approach, BUT it feels like such a big jump.

Like there’s no way it will work for us (we believe that for some reason we are different than all of the other women that it HAS worked for).

TRUTH: Sometimes you need structure and accountability on your way to freedom and flexibility.

Structure and accountability gives you the guardrails to relax and trust in the process and when you don’t yet trust in yourself, you NEED to be able to completely trust the process.

Ultimately being intuitive is the goal, but creating structure in the beginning can be the bridge to getting there.